About Vine



Vine Services

  • Warehouses designed for fine wine at the heart of the international trade in London, Bordeaux and Hong Kong.
  • Perfect conditions are ensured using humidity and temperature sensors and alarms throughout the warehouse space.
  • The Vine Managers and Warehouse Team are highly skilled and experienced in every aspect of fine wine settlement, handling, care, storage and distribution.
  • Dedicated high quality service means always speaking to an expert.
  • Vine standards cover all aspects of storage, distribution and settlement. They are fully documented and rigorously applied.
  • On arrival unique case identifiers (UIDs) are issued, condition checks are made and photographs taken.
  • UIDs allow simple validation of case identity and ownership, giving certainty in case tracking and location.
  • Vine’s online system gives easy-to-use web access to stock records, movement details and photographs.
  • The Instant Transfer system means changing ownership with a single click. It eliminates physical movement, reduces costs and risks, saves time and increases opportunities to turnover stock.