Liv-ex Data



Liv-ex is the only transaction-based source of real-time and historic market data.

Liv-ex’s 400 members make up the vast majority of the global fine wine trade. Their activity – including live bids, offers, and real-time trades – amounts to over 60,000 daily price updates within the market. Liv-ex Data Services enable Liv-ex members to monitor this activity.

Liv-ex provides data feeds to its members for internal use, external access for members’ customers and full integration into systems. You can find out more about this at 

Members use Liv-ex data to:

  • Grow sales: instantly identify trading opportunities and never miss the chance to sell.
  • Save time and money: automatically and accurately value company and customer stock.
  • Scale businesses: make £45m+ worth of firm bids and offers available to customers.

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