About Vine


Prime is an international collection and delivery service. It is available exclusively for Liv-ex members to support their trade on the Exchange. We offer collections and delivery services across Europe and Asia.

The service is run by Vine, Liv-ex’s storage and distribution business, based at the heart of the global fine wine trade in London. Prime uniquely offers a simple per case charge with no minimum quantity.


  • Grow sales: make stock visible to a wider audience.
  • Save time and money: per case charges with no minimum quantity.
  • Increase efficiency: faster turnaround because of reduced consolidation time.


Liv-ex Prime for Europe

Services from London include:

  • Weekly deliveries to and collections from Vine Bordeaux (free).
  • Monthly deliveries to Hillebrand, Beaune (free).
  • Fortnightly collections from Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and Beaune (€5 per case, no minimum quantity). 

Liv-ex Prime for Asia

Services from London include:

  • Weekly deliveries to your address in Hong Kong.
  • Stock cleared by 1pm on Wednesday arrives with you in Hong Kong on the following Wednesday.
  • The service costs just £28 per 12x75 case - or £14 for a six pack.
  • Your experience is handled by one single point of contact at Liv-ex.
  • Stock can be shipped automatically - or you can choose which wines to ship each week.













For further information please download an information sheet, contact your Vine Manager or call +44 (0)20 7062 8789.