About Data Services



The Liv-ex Professional Data Service delivers comprehensive and relevant fine wine prices, including the latest trade data.

Customise this data on your desktop using the Professional Excel tool to inform trading decisions, or integrate it into your systems.

Retain and grow your customer base by providing them with a full range of services. A licence for the Liv-ex Professional Data Service includes the rights to:

  • Share Liv-ex data with your customers
  • Quickly and accurately value reserves
  • Produce reports
  • Develop your own customer trading platform


Liv-ex data is provided as a web service. It includes live Bids and Offers, Market Prices, Average List Prices, Auction and Offex data, LWIN associated feeds and wine list cleaning and matching. Find out more about Liv-ex Prices

To find out more about the Professional Data Service, including pricing and licence conditions, and how to customise the data so it is most relevant to you, visit www.developer.liv-ex.com

Subscribers to this service are exclusively entitled to show the "Prices from Liv-ex" badge: