About Data Services



Liv-ex provides tens of millions of lines of accurate, benchmark prices direct from the market.

  • Market Price: The price you are likely to pay for SIB-compliant stock in the market. Calculated from the lowest prices advertised by leading stockholders in the EU.
  • Mid-Price: Used to calculate the Liv-ex indices and value the world's leading fine wine funds. The mid-point between the highest live bid and lowest live offer on the market, validated against additional data including transaction prices.
  • Average List Price: The 30-day mean price for all stock listed by Liv-ex merchants.
  • Last Trade: The most recent Liv-ex trade.
  • Bid Price and Offer Price: The price at which Liv-ex trading members are currently bidding to buy or offering to sell the wine on the market.
  • Auction Price: The 30-day average price collected from all of the major auction houses.
  • Offex data: Transaction data gathered from members who provide information on trades conducted through their own sales channels. The data is anonymised and turned into a 30-day-average price.


Sending stock lists to Liv-ex

Members who send their lists to Liv-ex can more easily identify opportunities to trade their stock and compare their stock to the market. To find out how to do so, please email the Liv-ex data team.