Liv-ex Data Services


Liv-ex Membership data service

Liv-ex Membership is the entry level data service, giving members the ability to monitor live Bids and Offers from the Liv-ex Exchange. You can customise its display, integrate it with internal systems and create individual automated alerts that ensure you never miss a buying or selling opportunity again.

Service description and general rights

Liv-ex Membership Data Service is delivered as a set of data feeds which allow the integration of real-time Liv-ex Bids and Offers (including dates and quantities) into your own internal system (for example Excel or accounting software). The services are simple to use and can usually be integrated into Excel within a matter of minutes.

The licence includes the rights to use the data internally on a stock management, sales or brokering system. The licence generally excludes use for valuing, publishing, data archiving, onward licensing and creating derived products.

Service components

The Membership service consists of the following data feeds:

  • Live Exchange Bids
  • Live Exchange Offers 
  • Either full depth or best  Bids and Offers only

Documentation on how to integrate the Liv-ex Membership Data Service can be downloaded here.

At present, Liv-ex Membership Data Service is limited to SIB* Bids and Offers

Service pricing and licensing

Full licence terms and conditions can be downloaded here. The Membership service is free for members of Liv-ex. Non-members of Liv-ex should contact us for details and costs of adding Liv-ex Bids and Offers to your website.

*SIB - Standard In Bond Contracts. Please see here for further details on Liv-ex contracts.