Liv-ex Data Services


Liv-ex Professional data service

The Liv-ex Professional Data Service delivers all the information our members need on the current market for fine wine held on our systems, plus the most in-depth and latest market trading data. Retain and grow your customers by providing them with a full range of services including valuations, cellar management tools, advice and reports; combining your company's knowledge with authoritative Liv-ex data.

Optional Historic Pricing gives you rights to store Liv-ex data and access historic data feeds. Share detailed historical analysis of the trading performance of individual wines or complete portfolios of your customers.

Service description and general rights

Liv-ex Professional is a set of data services providing access to a range of pricing data including; the Liv-ex Market Price, Average Price, Benchmark Price, Auction Price, Bid and Offer Prices and Last Trade data. Liv-ex Professional includes rights that enable you to share Liv-ex data directly with your customers or use it to value reserves, create reports, or even develop your own customer trading platform.

Optional Historic Pricing also includes the general rights to store and archive Liv-ex data for as long as the licence remains in force. The licence generally excludes activities associated with valuing investment funds or other financial products or for onward licensing and creating derived products.

Service components

Liv-ex Professional consists of the following services:

  • Live Exchange Bid
  • Live Exchange Offer
  • Liv-ex Pricing data feed
  • Liv-ex Market Place data feed
  • L-WIN associated feeds to ensure unique referencing and upload of data
  • Wine list cleaning and matching either by Liv-ex or through using our list cleaner tool

Documentation on how to integrate the service can be downloaded here.

Service pricing and licensing

Full licence terms and conditions can be downloaded here. Pricing is as follows:

Liv-ex Professional Data Service £3,500 per annum for up to 2,500 lines (LWIN18).
Additional lines: £1.20 per line (LWIN18)
Optional Liv-ex Historic Pricing*: £2,500 per annum for up to 2,500 lines (LWIN18)
Additional Historic Lines:  £0.20 per line (LWIN18)
Subscribers to this service are entitled to show the "Prices from Liv-ex" badge  

 *Optional Liv-ex Historic Pricing is only available in conjunction with Professional or Enterprise data services.