Liv-ex Market Leading Data


Data Services

Liv-ex can supply fine wine market data as an electronic feed, allowing instant retrieval of large amounts of data.

Liv-ex Valuations

Liv-ex can act as the appointed valuer to wine funds and undertake other mark-to-market valuations 

Data for Vine

See the current Liv-ex Market Price as part of your stock record in Vine.

Liv-ex Widgets

Liv-ex widgets enable you to integrate Liv-ex data directly with your website.

Liv-ex Badges

The Liv-ex badges are exclusively used to designate that your company subscribes to Liv-ex services.


Offex data is information provided by Liv-ex members about their sales transactions off-the-exchange (Offex). 

Bid/Offer Notifications

The desktop widget instantly alerts you to trading opportunities, even if you are not logged in to Liv-ex.