Liv-ex Offex Data

Liv-ex Offex data service

Offex (or off Liv-ex Exchange) data is transaction data gathered from members who provide information on their trades conducted through their own sales channels. This data is anonymised and turned into a 30-day-average price. Offex data enables you to compare your buying or selling performance on an individual wine basis, not only against trades on Liv-ex but also those of other members off-exchange.

Liv-ex Offex Data Service represents over £1bn in wine trades and averages over £50m per quarter. It is free to contributing members who commonly use it to compare actual Offex trade prices alongside Liv-ex trade prices, merchant list prices and the Liv-ex Market Price; completing the picture of what is happening in the fine wine market. Offex data is another unique service, available only from Liv-ex.

The addition of Offex data to members’ trading screens or data feeds is a free service, but is only available to those members who contribute. By providing trading data to Liv-ex in strict confidence, members are entitled to see all the anonymised Offex data Liv-ex maintains.

Service description and general rights

Offex data is provided in four different forms:

  • Quarterly Report prepared by Liv-ex which compares your data against the overall market - download a sample here.

  • Liv-ex Trading Screens: 30-day average Offex prices are provided as an additional column in Liv-ex Trading Screens.

  • Liv-ex Individual Wine Pages (IWPs): chart and transactions tables show Offex trade prices. Members who contribute can select all Offex transactions, or just their own (have you beaten the Market Price?).

  • Liv-ex pricing services - in addition to the price points included in Liv-ex data feeds, Offex transactions are also included.

Service components

n the Pricing services available from Liv-ex Data: in addition to the usual price points in the data feeds, Offex transactions will also be included.

Delivery of the quarterly report will be by PDF via email

Service pricing and licensing

Offex is free to those who contribute. It is not available as a pay-only service.