Liv-ex Valuations



Service proposition

The Liv-ex Fund Valuation is the only authoritative mark-to-market valuation service relied on by fund managers, investors and auditors. It is the only service to use the Liv-ex Mid Price, the most robust pricing measure available in the fine wine market. The Liv-ex Mid Price is created using an audited logic which includes a combination of real prices and mathematical logic. It is verified by the Liv-ex valuation committee.

Service description and general rights

The Liv-ex Fund Valuation is a set of data services providing access to the Liv-ex Mid Price. There is also an option for Historic Market Pricing. For every single Mid Price calculation, a minimum of one analyst, one manager and one director have all verified the accuracy of the price created by the model.

General rights are explained in detail in the contract. These include the rights to use the data to value your fund and to provide the valuation result to professional service providers such as insurers, auditors, investors, shareholders or parent companies. Also included is the right to use the Valued by Liv-ex logo and statement. Rights generally not included are data archiving, onward licensing and creating derived products.

Service components

The following components are available as part of the Liv-ex Fund Valuation:

  • Regular or one-off list receipt
  • List matching and valuation by Liv-ex 
  • Valuations via data feed or email

Service pricing and licensing

Full licence terms and conditions can be obtained by emailing Pricing is as follows:

Liv-ex Fund Valuation Service: 0.075% of fund value per annum or £6,000 per annum whichever is the higher,
paid annually in advance
Optional Liv-ex Historic Pricing: £POA
Subscribers to this service are entitled to show the "Valued by Liv-ex" badge